Welcome to the Huf family

2 hotels, 2 concepts, 1 philosophy

For holidays for two, on your own or with friends, we heartily recommend our second family hotel, DAS WANDA.

12 individual suites, breakfast served – a concept that you don’t see every day.


40 years have passed…

… since our grandfather Siegfried Anrather and his wife Hilde, dyed-in-the-wool hoteliers from Bozen/Bolzano, made up their minds to realise their dream of a small guest house on the wine trail. It’s no surprise that they fell in love with the incredible views and the beautiful location of the 2-star guest house in Kaltern/Caldaro.
Our grandparents ran the guest house from 1974 onward with their daughter Greti, now the owner, with endless vitality and hospitality. And to this day, after all these years, we are still welcoming numerous guests who came to visit Grandpa Siegfried and Grandma Hilde.

1980 –

But we didn’t rest on our laurels!

Four decades have gone by since then, and a few things have changed. Quite aside from the big renovations of 1980 we have always striven, as a family concern, to improve the quality of the hotel year by year, with small investments and extensions. Naturally, the hotel has seen a great deal of changes over the years, all of which have been painstakingly undertaken by Bernhard, Greti’s husband. The big step was taken in 2006, when the Hotel Panorama merged with the Garni Geranienhof. Through this connection, we are now in a position offer our guests a small but very special resort.


If you’re going to do it…

Renovating the hotel and creating a consistent concept was something we had always been planning to do. The impetus for this important step was the architecture competition in 2008; the prerequisite was a project which made a break with the traditional hotel architecture yet maintained a connection with the surrounding area, from materials through to architecture.


Welcome to the Design Hotel Panorama

The feeling of “coming home” and handing over your everyday life at reception makes a holiday in our family-run hotel a truly unique experience. Now that the two eldest of the four hotel children are working together with us, our guests here in the south of South Tyrol can enjoy all the pleasure and comfort that our distinct family atmosphere creates.